GlassPipesGlassPipes Self-Help Page

What is the minimum order on wholesale pipes purchase?

  • The minimum wholesale order is $250. 

I would like to make a wholesale order of the same size smoke pipes but I want to get different designs?

  • If you make a wholesale order on glass smoke pipes of the same size you will get glass pipe mix variety. All wholesale pipes will be the same size but with different color designs.

How long does it take to receive my wholesale order?

  • After the wholesale order is placed and payment is complete, Glass Pipes Glass Pipes takes 3 to 5 days to put your wholesale pipes order together and ship it from the store. We ship via USPS Priority Mail and it usually takes 1-3 business days for your order to be delivered to your shop. If your order is over $1000 and contain large amount of product, it takes longer to package and to deliver it to you.

What kind of payments does Glass Pipes Glass Pipes Wholesale Shop accept?

  • We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express. All wholesale orders are proceed thru, secure online check out provider.

I received my Glass Pipes Wholesale order and some of the pipes are damaged? What do I do?

  • Glass Pipes Glass Pipes Shop usually includes extra smoke pipes in every wholesale order to cover the situations with broken pipes, since we cant control shipping career actions. However, if some Glass Pipes are damaged and there is no extras or just not enough, you need to contact Customer Support with pictures of damaged pipes and exact count of damaged smoke pipes, and you will get a store credit. Every situation is varies, so it is necessary to contact us.

Do I receive a tracking information for my order?

  • As soon as your wholesale order is shipped, you will receive a notification via your email with the tracking information.