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Glass Pipes Glass Pipes is an online wholesale head shop that specializes in heavy duty glass water bubblers, double chamber bubblers, animal pipes, glass bowl pipes, chillums, water bongs, Bob Marley bongs & pipes, sneak-a-toke pipes, metal pipes, grinders, gandolf pipes, mustache pipes, metal & glass screens and much more. We offer great quality, colorful designs and unique pipes. Wholesale packages are available for all smoking devices.

Glass Pipes Glass Pipes keeps up with all new trends and innovations in the smoking accessories' industry. We compete with thousands of head shops, but we never compromise our standard of quality and customer care. No more dealing with India or China! Get your pipes from a USA supplier that keeps prices low.

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  • Custom Made Pieces

100% pure glass materials combined with a unique technique of glass blowing creates a perfect piece of art - glass pipes.

Glass Pipe Glass Pipe offers unique handmade pipes for wholesale purchase. A large variety of colors and designs will make your choice easy. There is not a glass pipe that you can't find in our store.

Glass bowl pipes, water bubblers, water bongs, Bob Marley pipes, animal pipes, chillums and other smoking accessories will satisfy you and your customers.

All pipes are made of thick heavy duty glass that increase the life of your pipe.

Check out our gallery for more pipe designs.

Glass Pipes Glass Pipes wholesale prices are very low. We provide great customer support and fast shipping on all wholesale orders.

Our Glass Pipes Glass Pipes warehouse is located in the United States, so forget about a long wait on your order being delivered from China or India. We guaranty your order will be delivered to you within 2 weeks from the day your order has been placed.

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